Code Branches

A story in Pivotal can correspond to 1 or more "branches"

Note: Multiple branches can be tested at the same time!!

MR #BranchAssigneeLast UpdatedLatest VersionTitle
master (Production / Live)a5437e2aThis is the code that is on the live site
2479adam-wp5-upgradeAdam17 hours ago1aaf51a5[QA!!] Webpack 5 upgrade #175336747PivotalGitlab
2522andee-add-app-url-to-productsAndee4 days agoNot available[RFQAE] Product Apps - Dynamic Application URLs - #177143647PivotalGitlab
2544andee-admin-revenue-reportAndee18 hours ago88cea1bbAdmin - Refactor Revenue Report to use paymentsGitlab
2525andee-admin-set-prevent-sub-based-on-a-previous-qAndee3 days agoNot availableAdmin Portal - Set prevent submissions based on a previous question - #177101126PivotalGitlab
2530andee-photos-learn-more-language-changeAndee2 days ago0011b14d[QA] Photos - Learn More - Language change - #177019465PivotalGitlab
2534andee-renewals-change-h1Andee2 days ago1d3e865bDraft: Renewals - Change h1 - #177045565PivotalGitlab
2509andee-site-ui-replace-showheaderfooterAndee41 hours ago0f984e5cDraft: Site UI Config - Fully implemented config for header footer - #176967931PivotalGitlab
2529avni-showif-refactorAvni3 days agoNot availableDraft: Admin - Refactor showIf/preventsubmissionIf to load options once when add/edit option selectedGitlab
2482avni-step2Avni13 days agoNot availableDraft: Customer Step 2 - Allow user to skip steps without answering all questionsGitlab
2545avni-v2-visa-applicationAvni15 hours ago832f0044Visa Applicaiton V2 - Splitversion=gGitlab
2540avni-visa-v2Avni20 hours agoa511db4aDraft: Product Visa Application - Optional Add-OnsGitlab
2543eddie-age-app-questionEddie Hale19 hours ago44bcf57cAppQuestion - Remove age slug from $requiredQuestionSlugs as it is no longer...Gitlab
2527eddie-continue-summary-cardEddie Hale18 hours agoaf52cecbProduct applications - Add Continue button in right sidebar - #177044104PivotalGitlab
2535eddie-doc-upload-messageEddie Hale12 hours agocf26da49Doc Upload - Message for Selfie Docs - #177004567PivotalGitlab
2511eddie-duplicate-orders-warningEddie Hale38 hours ago30eab720[QA] Duplicate Orders - Warning Banner - #177005536PivotalGitlab
2503eddie-payments-descriptorEddie Hale18 hours ago608d0e43Payments - Product Based Transaction Descriptor - #177051402PivotalGitlab
2521eddie-photo-merge-questionsEddie Hale43 hours ago96ce994a[QA] CSS - Photo - Merge Delivery & Shipping information questions - #177048655PivotalGitlab
2501eddie-previous-buttonEddie Hale17 hours agoe1fd447c[QA] Product application - Previous button - #177018989PivotalGitlab
2380eddie-privacy-policyEddie Hale21 hours ago56acb18e[QA] Application - Privacy Policy Location in Desktop - #176575651PivotalGitlab
2483eddie-processing-deadline-updateEddie Hale2 days agocd725094[QA] Admin - Processing Deadline - #176712978PivotalGitlab
2519eddie-seo-lottery-toolEddie Hale2 days agobc430066[RFQAE] SEO - DV Lottery Tool - #177103351PivotalGitlab
2516julian-CSS-IS-TW-housekeepJulián Abal41 hours ago63d8e70a[RFQAE] CSS - Inline Sass refactoring (Login) #177122524PivotalGitlab
2512julian-photos-fixes01Julián Abal42 hours agof1182845[QA] CSS - Photos - Fixes needed #177008171PivotalGitlab
2524julian-widget-visa-checker-refactor01Julián Abal41 hours ago78222b28CSS - InlineSass - Visa checker fix and files re-reference #177151248PivotalGitlab