Code Branches

A story in Pivotal can correspond to 1 or more "branches"

Note: Multiple branches can be tested at the same time!!

MR #BranchAssigneeLast UpdatedLatest VersionTitle
master (Production / Live)632839ecThis is the code that is on the live site
2479adam-wp5-upgradeAdam25 hours ago6ed9a764[QA] Webpack 5 upgrade #175336747PivotalGitlab
2422andee-admin-portal-define-official-deliverableAndee26 hours ago481c48e5[QA] Admin Portal - Separate Deliverables between Order Items - #176403568PivotalGitlab
2449andee-dynamic-server-side-validationAndee22 hours ago3c8a77dc[QA] Dynamic Server-Side Validation - #176928899PivotalGitlab
2485andee-oscar-record-amount-paid-to-the-government-Andee44 hours agob1ae4175Oscar - Record amount paid to the government - #175982033PivotalGitlab
2487andee-product-app-validationAndee44 hours agodce5ca54[Blocked on MR 2449] Passport Photo - Add validation to load of checkout pageGitlab
2507andee-show-if-bugfixAndee22 hours ago6190f388Product Questions - Add per applicant fields to show-if evaluationGitlab
2509andee-site-ui-replace-showheaderfooterAndee21 minutes ago798dc1c3[QA] Site UI Config - Fully implemented config for header footer - #176967931PivotalGitlab
2477andee-venmo-updatesAndee44 hours ago6eb8eca4[QA] Payments - Hide Venmo button when browser is unsupported #176564321PivotalGitlab
2482avni-step2Avni5 days ago6adf5458Draft: Customer Step 2 - Allow user to skip steps without answering all questionsGitlab
2495avni-visa-application-v2Avni10 minutes agoNot availableDraft: Customer - Upgrading Visa Application from V1 to V2Gitlab
2470eddie-app-questions-updateEddie Hale5 days ago630b56d6[Blocked by MR 2449] AppQuestions - Audit usage of ProductQuestions::getQuestionsForCountry and AppQuestions::getQuestionsForProductOrGlobalGitlab
2511eddie-duplicate-orders-warningEddie Hale10 hours ago583a9922Duplicate Orders - Warning Banner - #177005536PivotalGitlab
2492eddie-pay-now-buttonEddie Hale18 minutes agoNot available[QA] Product application - Pay Now button - #177001716PivotalGitlab
2503eddie-payments-descriptorEddie Hale22 hours ago3b5aac9ePayments - Product Based Transaction Descriptor - #177051402PivotalGitlab
2471eddie-photos-duplicate-ordersEddie Hale59 minutes ago762e338c[Approved by QA] Admin - Photos - Duplicate Orders Banner - #176960086PivotalGitlab
2501eddie-previous-buttonEddie Hale24 minutes ago5ba833a2Product application - Previous button - #177018989PivotalGitlab
2380eddie-privacy-policyEddie Hale15 days ago76786079[BLOCKED in Pivotal] Application - Privacy Policy Location in Desktop - #176575651PivotalGitlab
2483eddie-processing-deadline-updateEddie Hale5 days agof7d56132Draft: Admin - Processing Deadline - #176712978PivotalGitlab
2499eddie-redirects-requestedEddie Hale1 days ago3751ba4aURL - 301 Redirects requested - #176885766PivotalGitlab
2489eddie-renewals-kit-timeEddie Hale24 hours ago7bc4f14dRenewals - Change Kit Time - #176979408PivotalGitlab
2496eddie-renewals-merge-stepsEddie Hale19 hours ago82062184[QA] Renewals - Merge Steps - #177001914PivotalGitlab
2500julian-learn-more-001Julián Abal2 days ago53d35911CSS - Learn more. Files re-reference and optimization for Tailwind and inlineSass preloaderGitlab
2512julian-photos-fixes01Julián Abal3 hours ago40bc8099CSS - Photos - Fixes needed #177008171PivotalGitlab
2508julian-photos-intro-padding-fix01Julián Abal23 hours agof8ded0e3CSS - Photos Intro Hero padding quickfix (desktop) #177085083PivotalGitlab